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Dalmatian Jasper (Square )

Dalmatian Jasper (Square )

The vibration of DALMATIAN JASPER helps one to release any lack of trust in other people. It lessens disillusionment and helps one see their strengths and weaknesses. Its energy reminds one to open up and enjoy life and have fun in the process.

DALMATION JASPER helps to ground, center and align each of our energy bodies to obtain and keep a sense of balance

DALMATIAN JASPER brings about a “paradigm shift’, which causes a whole new way of seeing things. The spots are Black Tourmaline and Dravite, which makes it vibrate with those energies, as well.

DALMATIAN JASPER fortifies the spirit and balances the Yin & Yang energies 

DALMATIAN JASPER helps break down barriers we’ve created around ourselves
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